Thursday, December 21, 2006

Recommended Read

I'm in the middle of reading In Search of the Genesis World: Debunking the Evolution Myth. If you didn't order this when it was offered as November's Book-of-the-Month, then I would recommend you get your hands on a copy. It gives plentiful examples of why people should consider the Bible's view of the ancient world rather than current evolutionary theories. In particular, the author describes evidence of catastrophies in history that radically changed the character of the earth and left unique fossil deposits that point to a young, changing earth rather than an extremely ancient, uniform earth.

You can order this book online at Concordia Publishing House's website or from Amazon. Or, you can always see Mary down at The Bookworks on 3rd Street in Marysville and tell her that Pastor Onken sent you. She does a great job ordering books in a timely fashion.

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