Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wait...No Bones After All

More on the so-called “Tomb of Jesus”...

This from the Canadian Press:

Osnat Goaz, a spokeswoman for the Israeli government agency responsible for archaeology, said the Antiquities Authority agreed to send two ossuaries to New York, but they did not contain human remains. "We agreed to send the ossuaries, but it doesn't mean that we agree with" the filmmakers, she said.

So there are no bones in the boxes in the so-called Jesus family tombs after all. Where does the DNA evidence come from, then, that we are promised in the film about this find? Apparently there is DNA residue in the sarcophagi that were found. I don't know how they find this...guess I don't watch CSI enough.

Nevertheless, it’s still looking like this is just much ado about nothing. Yet, I also agree with this quote from the same article as above:

William Dever, an expert on near eastern archeology and anthropology, who has worked with Israeli archeologists for five decades, said specialists have known about the ossuaries for years. "The fact that it's been ignored tells you something," said Dever, professor emeritus at the University of Arizona. "It would be amusing if it didn't mislead so many people."

Here are some other links to read that attempt to debunk this whole issue:

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That's enough for now. I think we can put the lid back on this tomb.

But Jesus' tomb is still empty.

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