Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Latest Books-of-the-Month

I've been remiss posting about our "Book-of-the-Month" offerings at Messiah. Here's the recent batch from the last few months, including the current month. To order online, click on the image or the title of each book below.

This is an English translation of Luther's Summaries of the Psalms, 1531 which was originally done in 1993. This latest edition includes the ESV translation of the Psalms, Luther's introductions to each of the 150 psalms and a suggested schedule for reading the Psalter.

The Follow and Do series teaches young children about the Six Chief Parts of the Christian faith, combining the teachings in the catechism with practical application for all aspects of daily life. The Follow and Do Gift Set includes six paperback books housed in a full-color gift box.

This is a translation of the collection of lectionary-based devotions for the entire church taken from Walther's sermons and published by CPH in 1894. The translation aims to retain particular relevance for modern readers. Beginning with the first week of Advent, God Grant It provides a daily devotion for each day in the year, placing particular significance on the church year. Through these classic sermons of Walther, the modern reader will be reminded that God's mercies are new every day, that His mercies are ours by the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each devotion is accompanied by a Scripture reference and a hymn verse. The daily devotion will take less than ten minutes to read.

In the tradition of The Very First Christmas and The Very First Easter, this children's picture book tells the story of God's creation of the world, the fall of man, and God's promise of salvation.

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