Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Study Bible on the Way

Looks like a new study Bible from Concordia Publishing House is being produced. Read this from Paul McCain's Cyberbrethren:
Word to the wise: stay tuned for a press release from Concordia Publishing House on The Lutheran Study Bible, the first study Bible, in English, to be prepared using exclusively Lutheran scholars, theologians, pastors, researchers and authors, who are all committed to the confession of historic, genuine Lutheranism, designed from stem-to-stern by Lutherans. It uses the English Standard Version of the Bible ... Every cross reference put in the 1534 Luther Bible will be included in The Lutheran Study Bible. Cool, huh? This is most definitely not simply a new edition of the Concordia Self-Study Bible. This is entirely new. You are going to love it. It has a rich variety of notes, annotations, study helps, articles, introductions, including quotes from Luther, the Confessions, Early Church Fathers, and the like. But I'll say no more for now.Well, maybe a bit more. It combines sturdy scholarly notes and helps, with richly devotional and practical Law/Gospel application notes. That's all I'll say though. OK, one more thing. This Bible puts "legs" on this statement from the Lutheran Confessions: "The chief topic of Christian doctrine [justification] is especially useful for the clear, correct understanding of the entire Holy Scriptures, and alone shows the way to the unspeakable treasure and right knowledge of Christ, and alone opens the door to the entire Bible." Really, that's all I'll say for now. More is coming. I can't wait to share more news with you about it, soon, very soon.

The Concordia Self-Study Bible, which uses the NIV, has been a worthwhile and popular study Bible among us LCMS'ers for many years. However, it was actually a revision of the NIV Study Bible. The original notes of the NIV Study Bible were produced by evangelical scholars and were edited by two LCMS seminary profs for the Concordia Self-Study Bible.

I'm eagerly anticipating this new study Bible that McCain "teases" us with. Do I see a new book-of-the-month coming in the future at Messiah?

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