Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Radical Grace

Radical Grace is a radio broadcast that comes out of Florida, but is available over the internet for those of us out here on the opposite corner of the country. I first learned about this broadcast on the Wittenberg Trail, but only listened to a couple of shows online. Since then, I have bought myself my first ever mp3 player (welcome to the 21st century, Pastor Onken) and have downloaded about a dozen shows. I highly recommend this show as a way for laypeople to learn how to speak the pure Gospel as we Lutherans confess it -- which is all about God's "radical grace" -- to your friends and neighbors.

Here's how the show describes itself (from their website):

The Lutheran Difference was an effort by the congregation of Risen Savior Lutheran Church and School in Palm Bay Florida and it's pastor Gary Held to better minister to it's members and the community around them. Founded on the idea of "the Lutheran Church makes a Christian Difference", the podcast "the Lutheran Difference" became the centerpiece where the participants could get together to talk about issues that are most important to Lutherans as whole today. In October of 2007, the Podcast became a radio show on AM920 WMEL, and was renamed "Radical Grace". The show still continues to this day ... Knowing that Mainstream Evangelicalism has moved from the core teachings of the Christian Faith, our program strives to expose the world again to the reformation and begin a new reformation in and around the area as well as the world by proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and him crucified for sinners.

To learn more, go to their website by clicking here or in the sidebar to the right under "Lutheran Links." Also, check out the new "widget" in the sidebar where you can listen to the show directly from this blog.

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