Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've Been Published!

A while back, Rev. Scott Stiegemeyer asked me to write an essay for a book he was putting together for prospective pastors. He and I were having a discussion about the craft of writing sermons, and I mentioned how I have found myself more conscious of writing for the ear ... that is, aware of how the words will sound when they are spoken and heard rather than read. He said that would be a great idea for his book, so I wrote the essay, emailed it to him, and didn't hear anymore about it ...

... until a book arrived in my mailbox the other day with my essay in it entitled "Writing for the Ear." I was very pleased to see it there along with essays by many men in the ministry whom I respect and admire. I almost feel embarrassed to have my writings in a book along with the rest of these esteemed brethren.

Here's what the newsletter ePilgrimage says about the book: "Formation: Essays for Future Pastors is a free book for you that is filled with essays from pastors, professors, and laypeople from all parts of the church all about what it means to be formed as a servant in Jesus Christ. Request your free copy today, and be inspired by the stories of those who are serving the church and who are being served. E-mail:"

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