Friday, August 22, 2008

New Organ at Messiah

Well, this is the one we've decided on. The Trillium Masterpiece 788 by Rodgers Instruments. Our organ committee researched several instruments from three different organ builders. All were very fine instruments. The representatives were very knowledgeable and helpful. But in the end, we decided on the Rodgers. Click here if you are an organ nerd and want to read the specifications on the organ.

But for all you who are not organ nerds, I think you will really come to love this instrument, especially once you hear some of the unique things that digital keyboards can do nowadays. You've already probably been impressed with the sound of the instrument in our sanctuary. It's hard to tell the difference between a real pipe organ and digitally sampled sounds today (okay, maybe purists can tell, but there's not many of you around here).

Our new organ will be dedicated on September 28 in the 10:30 service. After the service, a luncheon will be served, following which we will have a "mini-concert" featuring Dan Miller on the organ. The many unique features of the organ will be highlighted. Dan Miller is a professional organist and composer who works with Rodgers Organs, the builder of our new instrument. For more information about Dan Miller, see his website at

I also want to thank Tim Stephenson of Stephenson & Associates for all his help in providing us with this organ. Tim's company is involved in selling, installing, and supporting Rodgers organs in churches all over the Northwest.

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