Thursday, September 4, 2008

Listen to "Fighting for the Faith" and "The God Whisperers"

The Lutherans are invading cyberspace! Here are two more excellent shows to listen to online or to download and listen on your iPod or mp3 player (as I do).

The first is called "Fighting for the Faith" hosted by Chris Rosebrough. Rosebrough, author of the blogs Extreme Theology and A Little Leaven, attempts (and succeeds) to point out the absurdities that pass for Christianity today. He does so in a very direct, yet winsome, fashion. Often, he will play sermons by well-known, popular preachers and critique them. He pulls no punches, and that's refreshing in our relativistic, politically correct culture. Along the way, you'll learn how to properly distinguish Law and Gospel and pick up some Lutheran theology. Listen by clicking here at the F4F blog, or here at Pirate Christian Radio.

The second show is called "The God Whisperers" and is hosted by Pastors Craig Donofrio and Bill Cwirla (some of you may recognize Pastor Cwirla's name from our association with Higher Things). Pastors D and C have--how shall we put it?--an "unorthodox" way of teaching orthodox Christian doctrine. Listen and you'll know what I mean. Click here to go to the God Whisperers website or here to listen via Pirate Christian Radio.

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