Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haiti Update

Here is the text of the latest email from Pastor Sam Wiseman reporting on Pastor Daniel Paul's latest phone call:

Greetings and a glorious Reformation Sunday to you,

Rev. Paul was able to call me again today. It was good to hear from him and get an update.

Rev. Paul went to Port au Prince with Rev. Elona Bernard (of Cap Haitian). They used Rev. Paul's vehicle for this first meeting since the hurricane season of the Lutheran pastors in Haiti. I asked Rev. Paul about the roads--the last I heard was that a person could not drive all the way because bridges had been washed out. Rev. Paul response was--"Oh, the roads are very bad, but since I had a 4-wheel drive I could get through--it was rough at spots." He reported his gratitude for the vehicle that has been provided through generous donations a couple years ago. He said, "The truck has a couple little troubles, but not big ones--they can be fixed."

I reported to Rev. Paul that he could draw out of his account $2500.00 that was sent from Lamb of God LCMS to use as he needed. (Thank you to the willing hearts and minds for this contribution.) There are needs of school expenses, food for the next couple months in which they are in between harvest seasons of their garden. Concerning the school, Rev. Paul reported that "We are not taking any more students--it is too crowded--we now have 80 students. My office is now being used as a classroom in the morning." Let us pray for the teachers and students involved in this ministry.

Rev. Paul has asked for prayer for his wife Cliney. She has pneumonia and is not feeling well. She is getting some medicine.

Rev. Paul said it would be sad that Jennifer (my daughter) would not be coming on the mission trip in February. I assured him that she would if she could, however she adn her husbadn Andy are so excited about their child that is due to be born at the end of February. Rev. Paul responded, "Oh yes and we are praying for her."

The Lord be with you,

Rev. Sam Wiseman

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