Friday, October 17, 2008

Review of "Religulous"

My friend Scott Stiegemeyer over at "The Burr in the Burgh" has some comments about the movie "Religulous." Click here to read, including the full review by Dr. Craig Hazen of Biola University (which, as a total side note, is in my hometown of La Mirada, CA, and right down the street from Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, the church where I was baptized and attended through high school).

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Gene Schneider said...

Hi Kurt,
Your comment about growing up in La Mirada caught my eye. My wife and I also grew up in La Mirada. I lived on the street right behind the church and we used to play football on the church lawn. My wife and her family were members of Mt. Olive - Pastor Rosenea (sp) married us in 1969 and baptized our 3 kids. (long before I was a Christian.) We got him to come out of retirement and he married our daughter in 2001.

I came to your page while clicking around the Wittenberg Trail. You had made a comment on Steve Mueller's page - he is my Sunday School teacher at Abiding Savior in Lake Forest.

Anyway, your comment brought back some fond memories.