Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Latest from Haiti

Courtesy of Pastor Sam Wiseman in La Grande, OR...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us take time to give thanks unto the Lord our God at all times and all places, as well as amplify our thanks on this national holiday.

Rev. Paul had a short call tonight. He was in good spirits and is looking forward to hosting mission teams in 2009. He is excited about afternoon "VBS" and nightly catechism instruction for the February mission team. Even though I try to speak some Creole I am very thankful for Rev. Daniel Paul and his little brother Rev. Esiah Paul who both do a wonderful job of translating.

His vehicle is still out of commission--looking for parts and now thinks that he has contact for the part in Port au Prince. May this inconvenience of lack of transportation be fixed soon.

Rev. Paul expressed how they are "fre" (cold). I asked, "How cold is it--in the 60's?" He said, "No, but it is in the 70's and we have not seen the sun in three days." With it be colder than normal along with overcast it would be on the cool side with no windows nor a heat source. I shared with him that it was getting down into the 20's here in LaGrande.

"That would not be good for me," responded Rev. Paul.

The Lord be with you,

Rev. Wiseman

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