Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News from Haiti via Pastor Wiseman

This is from Pastor Wiseman's email from Monday, Nov. 17, regarding the ongoing work supporting the Rev. Daniel Paul and the orphanage he operates in Ounaminthe, Haiti. Contact me or our church office if you wish to support this mission above and beyond what our congregation has done in the past.
Greetings to those who are concerned and caring for "the least of these brothers of mine" (Matthew 25),

I talked with Rev. Paul Sunday evening and he called back today (Monday 11/17). We praise God for Rev. Paul's ministry and all who are involved as we consider the joy and troubles that face them.

On the positive note:

-Hope for Haiti (a large support agency that can bring support to orphanages) brought Lambs of God Orphanage five 50 kg bags of rice. They had visited with Rev. Paul in a couple months ago, after the administrative building was built. They thought they could help and sure enough the first reception of help arrived--Praise God!

-Cliney's health is doing better--he thanks us for the prayers. Some of the children have colds, but nothing bad.

Some business details:

-Rev. Paul's vehicle is still not operating. It appears to be a problem with the mechanics that lock in the 4-wheel drive. He has plans to receive the part through a contact who is going to Santiago, Dominican Republic (DR). The vehicle is also in need of a tune up. I asked Rev. Paul to let us know those expenses.

-With lack of vehicle I asked about a motorcycle again. "Yes but let us wait until you are here in February and you will help me with this." That sounds like a horizon widening opportunity. He did say that two bicycles would be a good idea. Delyse (their 21 year old adopted daughter) is going to college across town and they could use another bike for errands. He said he could get two quality bikes for $150.00. I told him that there would be $400.00 dollars in his account this week. $220.00 for new sponsors of orphans and students (Praise God for these dear souls) and $180.00 for the bikes. He is very thankful.

-Haiti is entering a dry season and the need for water on the garden is great. The children are in school and not as much water can be hauled, since those pretty little heads are learning, instead of carrying buckets. He is looking into some pump ideas in order that they can grow more of their food.

-He will be sending a list of some supplies that mission teams can bring, such as: vitamins, medicine, crayons, ink for printer, etc.

On a negative note:

Rev. Paul is normally very positive and upbeat, however there are stresses that are heavy upon him and Cliney.

1. Many people try to leave children and have their children in his school. It is very hard to turn them away--some get mad at him. I told him that there needs to be boundaries and to do "too much" could end up hurting everyone. He agreed, but said "it is hard."

2. There are intense problems with the Dominicans. Eric Nelson (member of Faith LCMS) told me about news that he got off the internet concerning a border community south of Ouanaminthe. A Haitian was accused of being in DR, decapitating a Dominican and stole his motorcycle. Eric said the internet reported many Haitians were then rounded up and sent across the river back to Haiti. Rev. Paul responded excitedly--"That is not what happened--they killed them. They blamed a crime against a Haitian and he might not have done it. They dug a big hole and killed 120 Haitians--100 in one spot and 20 elsewhere. These Haitians were working in DR--they often do not pay them. It is very bad." I agreed and questioned why this information does not get to us. Rev. Paul responded, "It is an international problem--they cannot let that information out or the DR would be in big trouble."

3. A brother of the young man "Espere" (who is a very hard worker for the orphanage) had been working in the DR and was found dead recently. "He was bloody, beaten--he seemed to have been killed." Rev. Paul said. I shared our sorrow with him.

A struggled to share these negative points--please continue to pray and support these "least brothers and sisters" of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord be with you,

Rev. Sam Wiseman

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