Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not the strength, but the object of your faith

One of my favorite maxims is that "It's not the strength of your faith that matters, but rather the object of your faith" ... that is, Christ.

Here's how Dr. Rod Rosenbladt recently stated this on an installment of Issues, Etc. (thanks to Scott Diekmann for posting this on his blog Stand Firm).
Well, it isn’t the intensity of faith, at least not in Christianity. It’s not the intensity of faith that saves, it’s the greatness of the one on whom it links itself, or whom it takes as its object. That is, my faith is weak and awful, but it grasps a mighty Christ, a saving Christ, a one-sidedly saving Christ. The emphasis is on the syllable of the object grasped, not on the strength of my hand.

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