Friday, December 5, 2008

Haiti Orphanage News

Here's the latest from Pastor Sam Wiseman about the Lambs of God Orphanage in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Click "Read more" below to read Pastor Wiseman's latest email.


"God is working!" This was Rev. Paul's proclamation as we shared news about what has been happening to support his ministry.

On December 1st the support agency "Hope for Haiti" stopped by Lambs of God Orphanage. "They are very pleased with how we care for the children--they gave us some t-shirts." There will be an official from Hope for Haiti who will come to stay at the orphanage. Rev. Paul is very positive with this since it expands the network in which resources are collected. I desire to visit with some of these Hope for Haiti people to find out more information and share it with you. Maybe this can be done on our February trip.

I confirmed to Rev. Paul that $970.00 of sponsorship money for December is in his account to be used for food and other necessities. This regular support is very stabilizing for maintaining his ministry in that very unstable culture. I also reported to Rev. Paul that an additional $1500.00 through a special donation was in his account. He was very delighted since they have been needing to get iron doors and windows on the administrative building. That donation will cover those expenses with a little to spare. (Iron doors for durability and security--they do take some strength to use).

There was a part on the well pump that had worn out and is being repaired. They will be pumping water this week-Lord willing. Rev. Paul expressed that there has been a huge amount of use of the hand pump for water for human use and watering the garden.

Rev. Paul did have some vehicle parts that he wants us to bring with us in February--Part number 8F855M-10, and others. Oh Lord guide us!

Rev. and Cliney Paul were challenged with some emotions that were expressed on Sunday evening. The orphanage is opening the doors for "Sunday School" for neighbor children (singing, Bible proclamation, snacks). This Sunday several children did not want to go back to their home--"There was a lot of crying, it was sad." Let us realize that through this Sunday evening ministry that the Word of God is going into the ears, minds, hearts and souls of those dear children--we pray the Holy Spirit be with them so that faith in Jesus Christ is ignited or strengthened. We are not able to have every child at the orphanage, but we celebrate in this opportunity to have God's Word proclaimed to them for "man does not live on bread alone, but on every Word that comes from the mouth of God."

The Lord be with you,

Rev. Sam Wiseman

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