Sunday, December 28, 2008

Revisiting Christmas Day

No sermon posted today. I'm preaching the same sermon this Sunday as I did on Christmas Day. Never done this before. I'm probably breaking some high church rule for which I will be chastised by the liturgy police. Oh, well.

I originally planned on using the propers for Holy Innocents, which falls on December 28 (that's the day we commemorate Herod's slaughter of the infant and toddler boys in Bethlehem...see Matthew 2). However, we had such low attendance on Christmas Eve and Day due to snowy weather, that I thought some folks might like to have a chance to have Christmas worship if they missed out.

Actually, I was suprised at how many churches in our community cancelled their Christmas Eve and Day services. We even had some folks show up from a neighboring Lutheran congregation saying that they had not had services for the last two Sundays. Sure, the roads were slick, but they were navigable, unless you lived on some serious hills. Perhaps it was rougher in other neighborhoods.

Although our attendance was down for Christmas Eve and Day, I was frankly expecting less. Guess when it comes to snowy weather, we Puget Sounders are not as wimpy as the rest of the nation thinks.

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