Thursday, January 29, 2009

By the way, make sure you order "THE" Lutheran Study Bible

I posted the cartoon from Tuesday's post over at the Wittenberg Trail, and it started a conversation about The Lutheran Study Bible from Concordia Publishing House, set to be released in the Fall. Apparently, one person thought I was subtly commenting on CPH's new product and questioning the need for another study Bible on the market. No, I just thought the cartoon was funny. And I'm wholeheartedly looking forward to purchasing a copy of The Lutheran Study Bible. Preordering begins in February and the Bible will be available Reformation Day (October 31) 2009.

Having said that, I was informed that there is another study Bible being released in March by Augsburg/Fortress (the ELCA's publishing arm) called Lutheran Study Bible. Note the absence of the article "The." But that's not all that distinguishes this Bible from Concordia's version.

See for yourself. Compare the two samples in the links below. Augsburg/Fortress' version appears to be light on the "study" in study Bible, while at the same time displaying the ELCA's reliance on liberal scholarship. You'll see that Augsburg/Fortress' product is rather "lightweight" in comparison to Concordia's product.

Click here to view a sample of Lutheran Study Bible from Augsburg/Fortress.

Click here to view a sample of The Lutheran Study Bible from Concordia.

Just remember ... don't get confused. Look for the all important "THE" in the title.

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