Monday, January 12, 2009

Denominational Differences for Dummies

People often ask their pastors, "What's the difference between all the different denominations?" This is not an easy task, when you consider the plethora of church bodies out there. Wikipedia lists 80 different Baptist bodies in North America alone (and you thought the Lutherans couldn't get their act together)!

On a recent Issues, Etc. broadcast, Pastor Erik Rottmann did a nice job of answering this question by giving five different categories in which we can generally place all the assorted denominations. They are 1) Ancient churches (in which he includes confessional Lutherans), 2) Calvinist, 3) Arminian, 4) Anabaptist, and 5) Late-arrivals. To hear more about which churches he would place in each of these categories and how they are described, listen to the podcast by clicking the media player below.

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