Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

We celebrate this (minus the superstitious practices and emphasis on "luck") in our household, since our child (and soon-to-be child #2) is from China. The last two years we threw a small party. This year will be more low-key. Red envelopes and dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant (Saigon Gardens ... in spite of the name, it is truly a Chinese restaurant).

It's the Year of the Ox this year. My wish is that the Year of the Ox will bring a bull market.

If you want to read about our adoption journey, see my other blog (co-authored with my wife) There are updates about our current adoption along with stories of our first adoption. If all goes according to plan, we should be heading to China in March to receive our second child.

Whenever we leave, I hope we get back before Holy Week. That's a tough time to be gone from the parish. When we went back in 2006 for child #1, our flight left Seattle on Maundy Thursday. When our travel arrangements originally arrived in the mail, I only had 6 weeks notice to get some local retired pastors to fill in for me for all services on four consecutive days plus the two Sundays after Easter. I was so grateful to the men that stepped up and helped out so willingly. I guess it remains to be seen how much scrambling I'll have to do this time around.

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