Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Quarter Blue: Resources for those dealing with sexual abuse

A friend of mine, with whom I recently reconnected via Facebook, is the founder of A Quarter Blue. The name comes from the startling statistic that a QUARTER of children are sexually assaulted before the age of eighteen, and from the color BLUE which is the color of the ribbon for child protection. A Quarter Blue's mission is "is to stop childhood sexual abuse and the effects of such abuse through education and public awareness, and empower the survivors with the ability and knowledge to courageously begin the healing process." Founder Martha "Nix" Wade provides seminars, talks, books, and other educational resources to help children, parents, and professionals deal with the traumatic effects of sexual abuse. Check out A Quarter Blue's website by clicking here or on Facebook by clicking here. I've also added a link in the "Other Resources" section of my blog in the sidebar.

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