Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fla. doctor investigated in badly botched abortion

Here's the link to the article from The Buffalo News:

Fla. doctor investigated in badly botched abortion

As tragic and horrifying as this story is, the quote that really irked me was this reaction from a representative of NOW:

"It really disturbed me," said Joanne Sterner, president of the Broward County chapter of the National Organization for Women ... "I know that there are clinics out there like this. And I hope that we can keep (women) from going to these types of clinics."

Translation: Let's make sure that women can go to clinics where the staff makes sure the babies are dead BEFORE they leave the womb.

God help us. God help those helpless little ones who are victims of "choice" and who have no voice and no choice in these matters.
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