Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The latest from Ouanaminthe, Haiti

Here's the latest update from Pastor Sam Wiseman about the work that Rev. Daniel Paul is doing in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. For more information, click here.

In the last e-mail, I told you that Rev. Paul was looking forward for an "official paper"--he has received one--Praise God! This gives the orphanage, school, and ministry an official number that allows them to receive aid through international agencies. We trust that donations to some of those larger agencies (such as USAID, CRS, etc.) will be accessible for "The House of the Lambs of God."

Rev. Paul reports that they are in their rainy season. They have not seen the sun for four days. "We are getting a lot of rain--even now you can hear the water." And sure enough it did sound as though water was pouring into puddles.

One of our NEHLM sponsors--Beverly Frasch--had a severe heart attack and died Friday, May 22. Rest her soul in peace. She was one of the very first to sponsor a child and ended up encouraging three more people to sponsor children.

Rev. Paul is planning to meet with the teachers this week to talk about pay for next year and classes. I explained that since we have returned from the February 09 Trip monthly sponsorship has increased a $100.00 or so. We are looking to have 35-40 more students sponsored which will allow consistent money to pay the teachers. (The teachers are paid $40-50 a month.) We pray for continued support of student sponsorship which is $20.00 a month and very similar to the benefits that many of the larger sponsorship programs provide.

Rev. Paul did receive positive news of a 75% chance of being part of the lunch program for schools through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti (which is sponsored by other LCMS churches).

Let us continue to lift these dear souls up in prayer. Jesus' words in John 17 (His High Priestly Prayer) for His disciples--"Holy Father, protect them by the power of Your name--the name you gave Me--so that they may be one as We are One" John 17:11b. Praise God for our oneness with Him and with fellow disciples of Christ.

The Lord be with you,

Rev. Sam Wiseman

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