Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Haiti Orphanage Update

Here's the latest email from Pastor Wiseman of La Grande, OR on the Pastor Daniel Paul and the orphanage in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.


Just a quick note to let you know that through faithful donations to Nord Est Haiti Lutheran Missions (NEHLM) Rev. Paul has been told to purchase a generator (one strong enough to use to pump water for household and irrigation purposes), to check on a propane refrigerator, and to check on windows to keep the hurricane rain from soaking them this year. These moneys were received above and beyond the monthly sponsorship donations that allow NEHLM to feed, cloth, and educate those dear souls.

In mentioning monthly sponsorships I have been informed that some sponsors appear to be challenged financially-we pray that the Lord guide them as they make their decisions for their own necessities, their support of their local church, and their sponsorship of an orphan.

We might end up with a couple orphans not sponsored and their are 40 plus students still waiting to be sponsored. (Students--Rev. Paul said that he could use $1075.00 immediately for uniforms, curriculum and books--school starts next week!)

Thank you for your interest and concern for these dear souls.

Rev. Sam Wiseman

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