Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Haiti Orphanage Update 09-09-09

Here's the latest email I received from Pastor Sam Wiseman...

Check out the date 09-09-09--this catches my attention a bit extra since it is Charlotte's (my wife's) birthday.
We praise God as He continues to work through people--especially people of the faith in Jesus Christ--to love and care for the dear souls involved with Rev. Paul's ministry in Nord Est Haiti!
In a previous e-mail I shared that Rev. and Cliney Paul were concerned for school uniforms, curriculum and other supplies for school starting in September. I expressed that he could use $1075.00 immediately. In the past week NEHLM has received special donations for school expenses of $1250.00! Praise God! There are sure to be other expenses that the "surplus" will go to. Thank you.
Rev. Paul told me yesterday: "They are talking about hurricanes--September is a hurricane month--please pray for us and Haiti."
Rev. Paul shared that his batteries that store electricity from a couple solar panels are over two years old. "They are not working properly." He is looking for a "good deal." The bartering is an interesting skill in Haiti--I have proven to not be skilled at that practice--Rev. Paul does pause, look around, hum, etc.
School will start next week. They have applied for a "feeding program" to receive funds through an international agency for the school. However this will take time--up to a year. He would like to do something. School runs from 8:00 a.m. --2:00 p.m. It has been a desire of NEHLM's leadership to have the students fed a meal; however, with less than 25% of the students sponsored this is a financial challenge. Let us take this concern to the Lord in prayer.
Emily Bartleheimer is scheduled to visit us at Faith Lutheran the last weekend in September--we are looking forward to having her share in person about her two month experience at "The House of the Lambs of God."
The Lord be with you,
Rev. Sam Wiseman

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