Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti Update from Emily Bartelheimer

Here's a follow up from a previous email received from Emily Bartelheimer regarding Pastor Daniel Paul and the orphanage in Ounaminthe.


School will be canceled for one month; however, the orphans will still have classes, but not the other children in the community to attend school at the orphanage.

The road from Ouanaminthe to Port-au-Prince in impassable. As a result there are no public buses. Samuel, Pastor Daniel's brother-in-law, has no way of returning to Ouanaminthe and will stay with family near PAP until the roads improve.

Pastor went to work in the garden on Saturday. People cut down one of his trees in his garden to make charcoal. He was devastated. The price of charcoal has doubled in one week due to the rain and the earthquake. People have also stolen cassava and sweet potatoes from the orphanage garden. He harvested some of them and planted more. Food prices have already began to soar and people are desperate.

Some people were asking if specific people were alive. Here is an update:
-Rico and David, Pastor's brothers, are alive. However, like all Haitians in PAP, the economical situation is devastating. There is no food.
-Pastor Daniel's sister's cousin died.
-Nelson is alive.
-Danya is alive, but her father is still missing.


There are many ways to help the people of Haiti. The easiest is simply to donate directly to LCMS World Relief and Human Care. Click here for a form to fill out and donate.

Also, since prices for goods have skyrocketed, you can send monetary donations that will directly be sent to the orphanage in Ounaminthe. Donations can be sent to NEHLM, c/o Faith Lutheran Church, 104 S 12th Street, La Grande, OR 97850. More information can be found at www.NEHLM.com .

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