Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrity in our midst

We have a celebrity in our congregation. For those of you who are members of Messiah, do you recognize the face at the left? That's Bob Strack, Sue Pellegrini's dad. Bob was a Country-Western recording artist and DJ known as "Balin Wire Bob." He had stints on the radio in Montana, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. He hung out with artists such as Jim Reeves and Elvis Presley. And how many of you can say you have your own fan club? Balin Wire Bob had one.

Bob has a lot of interesting stories to tell. In addition to his music career, he's ridden in rodeos, is a WW2 veteran, taught drama in public schools, not to mention Bible stories in Sunday School.

To read more about Bob's career in the music industry, click here to go to his page at Hillbilly-Music.com.

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