Saturday, April 10, 2010

Arch Books for the Children of Haiti

This arrived in my inbox yesterday from Concordia Publishing House.

This past Easter Sunday we celebrated Jesus Christ, our Lord’s resurrection. Keep the celebration going by sharing the Gospel with children who’ve recently experienced much trauma.

Did you know that school in Haiti has been canceled—indefinitely?

For just $10, You have the opportunity to impact Haitian children's lives by sending 6 Arch books entitled “Jesus Blesses the Children”, translated into French, and $4 to relief efforts. Money has been donated from dozens or organizations, but together we have the opportunity to provide something else that children desperately need: the Gospel.

To donate, visit or call 800.325.3040. Contributions can also be mailed to Concordia Gospel Outreach/Help for Haiti at 3558 S. Jefferson Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63118.

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