Friday, April 9, 2010

Register now for "Your Reformation Walk" Seminar, May 22

Offered by the Confessional Lutherans for Christ's Commission (CLCC) and hosted by Messiah Lutheran Church in Marysville, WA. This 6-hour seminar provides a history of the faith from the days of the early church fathers to recent times. Heavy emphasis is placed on the Reformation period, including a summary of the books and their history making up the Book of Concord. Following comes information of history leading up to the immigration of Lutherans from Saxony to the U.S. Interwoven with the religious events are the significant geo-political events of the time having an impact on the religious history, thus more context is provided. On the lighter side you could say that some travelogue information is also interwoven, all with the intent of encouraging you to think about making a visit to Saxony yourself, to see first hand places where Reformation history was made.

To register, see the insert in the church bulletin, call the church office at 360-659-4112, or see the info at the CLCC website by clicking here.

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