Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Resident Mother

A compassionate soul at our congregation put up this barrier to protect a nesting killdeer.

You'd think a gravel parking lot would not be the best place for a bird's nest.

The black and white speckled eggs are camouflaged quite well amongst the rocks, but car tires are no respecter of birds' eggs.

Every time I tried to sneak up on the nest, the mother would quickly scamper away and begin her "wounded wing" act to lure me away from the nest. I wanted to try to get a shot of her nesting, but my little digital camera doesn't have a sufficient telephoto lens. Still, I managed to zoom in enough to get this shot through the chain link fence surrounding our playground.

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Robbie F. said...

I love killdeer. Well, more like love-hate. They used to nest just off the driveway of my previous church twice removed. So every time you drove up the driveway, you had to drive slowly behind a killdeer that was putting on its wounded act, thinking it was luring you away from its nest. Now I work on a road that has a killdeer nesting area by it & the same thing happens most days. They're hysterical birds, though, and they have the funniest stiff-legged scurry!