Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Favorite Onken Quotes*

At first, I wasn't going to blog this here.  I wrote the post below in a note on my Facebook page yesterday.  But these are just too amusing not to pass along.

*These are all about Onken Yogurt, a brand marketed in the UK. (Gleaned from an Onken-obsessed blogger at http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/lblackwell/tag/onken/) As you will see, I like to think they're about me. If you are an Onken, then feel free to consider them about you, if you wish. Pass them along to all your Onken relatives. I realize this is a rather narcissistic exercise, but I'll blame it on Charles Varsogea for posting a picture of a container of Onken yogurt on my wall.

"That’s right, a new limited edition Onken. And so I grabbed it. Om nom nom."

"A full 50g less of Onken."

"...this Onken has lots of little bits of orangey goodness."

"Have an Onken on the house..."

"...enhanced by the awesome taste of Onken."

"I’d also far rather eat peach Onken than a peach."

"I am suffering from not having enough Onken."

"Even as good as Onken is, only being able to have one flavour makes it a bit… samey."

"It’s about things like Onken, and llamas, and political groups with memory problems, and satirical guides to sports."

"Unfortunately, it’s not a glowing palace full of rivers of Onken, but we can’t have anything in life."

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Jim Pierce said...

I suppose you can feel good that Jamie Lee Curtis isn't a spokeswoman for Onken talking about how it keeps her regular.