Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cardboard Numbers and Memories of Dad

Just finished posting the hymns and psalms on the hymn board for tonight's Evening Prayer and Compline services.

People at church will often ask, "Pastor, why don't you let somebody else do that? That doesn't have to be your job." Truthfully, I like to do it because it's one of the ways I get to spend some time thinking about my dad. When I was growing up, he served in various capacities in our congregation, and one of them was volunteering to put the numbers of the hymns on the hymn board. I can remember many Saturdays as a little boy, going with my dad to church and helping him put the hymns up for Sunday Divine Services. It may have been a small thing, but it was one of the many ways in which he served the Lord faithfully and set a faithful example for me and others.

So, really, I don't mind taking five minutes to stick a few cardboard numbers up on the wall. It means a lot to me.

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