Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Miss America is a Missouri Synod Lutheran

I wouldn't have posted this little tidbit, except for the fact that Anthony Sacramone at Strange Herring cracked me up in his reporting of this.

Here's what he wrote in his post titled "Lutherans to Become Even More Insufferable, as New Miss America Is One of Their Own":

Here she stands! Brown-eyed beauty Katie Stam of Seymour Indiana is the 855th Miss America! Which would be of no interest to me whatsoever except that she is a Lutheran — and Missouri Synod to boot!

I carefully shielded my eyes during the swimsuit competition — counting backward from 95 — but Miss Stam has a most beautiful singing voice, devoted to the most glorious of themes, the blood of our Lord.

I think we should have an annual Mr. and Miss Lutheran America, in which young men compete in feats of strength against semi-pelagians, Nestorians, and certified public accountants, while young ladies bind the wounds of plague victims and recite passages of the Book of Concord from memory.

Then again, maybe not …

HT: Strange Herring

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