Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who knew that Fantasy Baseball could be good for your marriage?

The following post is from Jen Mueller's blog at her website Talk Sporty to Me. Jen is a producer and reporter for FSN Northwest and is a former member of Messiah, Marysville. Julie and I made it to a Mariner's game a few weeks ago, and I texted Jen to see if she was working that night. Sure enough she was in the press box, so we decided to meet up at one point during the game and catch up.  After the incident she describes below, Jen told us that she was going to feature us on her blog feature called "Success Story Friday" where she posts stories about people who have connected because of their interest in sports. That's the purpose of her venture called Talk Sporty to Me...helping people improve their connections with other people (in particular business professionals and singles) through an ability to talk about sports.

Anyway, here's the post from Jen's site.  And I'm sure glad that Julie and I are considered a "success story."

I had a chance to meet up with my former pastor and his wife, Julie, for a few minutes during a Mariners game this week. Pastor has always been a big baseball fan and we would spend a few minutes talking about the Mariners before services on Sunday mornings. We got to talking between innings when suddenly a roar goes up from the crowd and both Julie and Pastor stop talking and turn to look at the field of play. They quickly turned back, apologized and explained that they were both in a fantasy baseball league. It was getting down to playoffs for their league and they were both trying to win so they were keeping a close eye on the game. It made me laugh when Julie told me which players on the field that night were starting for her fantasy team and how Pastor had a handful of other players in the game that he was counting on for his team. It was funny and it was cute. Here’s a couple who’s been married for several years, they’ve got 2 kids and find time to connect at a baseball game. I think it’s a great example of how sports can help improve personal relationships. The smiles on their faces and the interaction between them showed they were having fun. Sports can do the same for you!


Dave Lambert said...

Great story! I wish I could get my wife interested in Fantasy Baseball.

Pastor Bakker said...

My wife's playing fantasy football. If I can get her to stop drafting Brett Favre in the first round, I think she'll be okay. :-)

Clint Hoff & Family said...

Great story. Thanks for posting it.