Saturday, September 12, 2020

No Sermons Since April?

For those of you out there who may check this blog regularly, I apologize for not being very diligent in posting my sermons regularly. Yes, I have preached sermons since April. In the midst of sermon writing, sermon preaching, and all the other things that go along with pastoral ministry and family life, I simply forget to post them here. In addition, I haven't had anyone ever say, "Hey, Pastor, how come you aren't posting your sermons to your blog?" That would probably give me some more motivation to do so. That being said, I will continue to post the occasional sermon here. My blog has ceased to be a place where I post all sorts of things, but rather has become an online repository for my sermons. I lost the "oomph" to be a regular blogger some time ago. There are many other people who have way more interesting thoughts and insights to post than I have.

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